Sri Lankan Constitution Analysis

Today Topic is on ‘Sri Lankan Constitution Analysis ‘.

This article includes in depth analysis and also covers the vocabulary as well as comprehension in detail and also precise writing from enrolled paid course students are published below in this article for your reference . This is very helpful and essential for anyone preparing for any Central Government or States Government Exam .This will help in increasing your comprehension skill in exam.


Questions related to the above articles are as follows

(Q-1):  Which of the following is not true?
(a) The two-thirds majority in the legislature does not necessarily lead to good things.
(b) Gotabaya Rajapaksha is the new President of Sri Lanka.
(c) Mr. Rajapaksha’s party SLPP has won two thirds majority on its own.
(d) Mr. Rajapaksha’s intetion to repeal the 19th amendment to the Constitution is not surprising.

(Q-2): Which of the following was not a democratic gain from 19th amendment to the Constitution?
(a) It curbed the President’s vast powers.
(b) It removed maximum two term limit for the President.
(c) It made difficult for the President to dissolve the parliament at his/her whim.
(d) It sought to protect the independence of oversight institutions.

(Q-3):The Election Commission in Sri Lanka

  1. is biased.
  2. Faces the danger of losing some of its
  3. has been criticized by the author for its conduct of the recent election.
  4. was weakened by 19th amendment to the

(Q-4): Which of the following is not true?
(a) Mahinda Rajapaksha is the PM and his brother is the President.
(b) Sinhalese population is powerful in Sri Lanka.
(c) Sinhalese population forms the core of SLPP’s vote bank.
(d) The author is full of optimism about the Sri Lanka’s future.

(Q-5): Which of the following words from the passage is a antonym of
‘forward looking, progressive’?

(c) portentous



Answers: 1. (c)       2. (b)        3. (b)        4. (d)        5. (d)


Some Precis writing 

Amit(enrolled 6) – 

Real and reform, on srilankan constitution The 19th amendment to srilankan constitution that had been implemented after getting a popular mandate in 2015 presidential election. It not only reduced the executive president vast powers, by restoring a two term limit and making it difficult for the legislature to dissolved at the president ‘s whim. Now, this amendment ‘gains appears to be abrogated by newly elected parliament in the name undoing the 19th amendment. It would be travesty of democratics principle .there are no doubt that the party ,the SLPP ,led by THE president ‘s elder brother and p. M Mahindra Rajapaksa has requisite mandate to overhaul the constitution and electrical system. However the winner must think of its pros and cons, whether this reform would strengthen democratic institutions or weaken it. This concept of devolution for a Democratic must be supreme if it is abandoned altogether, it will be retrogressive step for a country which has gained many successes in years.


yogesh (enrolled 13) –


In this passage about to the author it is said that srilanka constitution shrilakna should not derocratic gain’s or constitution. Constitution Mandate is indeed in the legislation in the two’ thrid majority but the winner ought to decide whether the proposed change would bring about refrom or impairment srilankan president gotabaya Rajapaksa has predictably delegated his intention to release the land mark19 the amendment to the.constition. the party he belongs to the slpp has just garnered a historic two Thrissur majority along with its allies in the parliamentary polls unprecedented in an election basses on proportional representation.few would doubts that the party led by the president elder brother and prim minister Mahindra Rajapaksa had requested mandate to overhaul the constitutional and election system. It not only curbed the executive president power by restoring a two while the ablution of the executive president appears no more realistic it will be retrograde if the idea of sharing more power with the provisions is abandoned altogether


Krishna (enrolled 3) –


In his first address to the newly elected parliament, President gotabla rajpare has announced his intention to repeal the 19th amendment of the constitution and then act in the direction of a new constitution. Some would suspect that the party led by the President ‘s elder brother and the prime minister, mahindra rajpa, has the necessary mandate for abolishing the constitutional and electoral system. The abolition of the 19th amendment was, in fact, the main political issue of the party. However, is it necessary that the benefits of the 19th amendment are thrown out of lock, stock and barrel? What this law introduces was based on a popular mandate for a change in the 2015 presidential election. It not only placed a check on the powers of the executive chairman but also restored to the extent of a double – tenure, making it difficult for the legislature to dissolve the will of the President, but also to safeguard the independence of oversite institutions. It would be a violation of democratic principles if freedom of institutions such as election commission is now restrained by scrapping 19 th. For a long time, the srilankan leaders maintained that they could grant constitutional concessions to the minorities without the consent of the majority of sinhala.


Hope above article will help you understand and improve your English skill .it also covers the vocabulary as well as comprehension in detail.


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